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  • Plantronics M214C

    Plantronics M214C

    Designed specially for use around the house, the M214C Headset provides an economical, hands-free solution for taking calls on your cordless or cell phone while you attend to your many duties. Whether you’re working from home or racing through household chores, this headset lets you talk hands-free, eliminating the neck strain that can be caused by balancing your cordless handset or cell phone on your shoulder.

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  • Plantronics MX200

    Plantronics MX200

    Control calls with just the touch of a button and enjoy a clear, comfortable and secure fit

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  • Plantronics MX203-X1

    Plantronics MX203-X1

    If only all things could be done with just one touch of a button. Like answering and ending calls on the MX203-X1. All while enjoying clear comfortable calls with WindSmart® Technology and a Flex Grip®-designed earpiece.

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  • Plantronics MX250

    Plantronics MX250

    Experience the freedom, superior sound and sleek style of the MX250 from Plantronics. Excellent stability and a secure fit are perfect when you are on the go – whether running through the airport or hailing a cab! You will appreciate the discreet style, lasting comfort, and one-handed placement of our unique Flex Grip design. Be heard clearly in any environment with the pivoting boom and noise-canceling microphone. This innovative headset design is perfect for your bustling life. The MX250 is compatible with today’s most popular mobile phones.

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  • Plantronics MX500C

    Plantronics MX500C

    Experience the freedom, superior sound and discreet style of the award-winning MX500C Cordless Phone Headset from Plantronics. You will appreciate the secure fit, and conveniently located one-touch listening/speaking volume control and mute when juggling multiple tasks at home. Enjoy the lasting comfort of the Flex Grip design. Be heard clearly with our WindSmart microphone designed to reduce fast motion or backyard wind noise. Compatible with headset-ready cordless phones and most mobile phones.

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  • Plantronics MX500i

    Plantronics MX500i

    The MX500i 3-in-1 VoIP Headset offers versatility that’s perfect for the work-at-home professional who is always on the go. Use this headset to make calls in three ways: make Skype and other Internet calls through your computer’s USB connection, connect it to your cordless phone, or use it with your cell phone. Because this headset is built to enhance sound quality, it will give you professional call clarity wherever you are. And it gives you the freedom to talk hands-free, taking multitasking at home or on the road to the next level.

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