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How do I pair my Plantronics Bluetooth Headset?

Plantronics has just released new, interactive pairing guides for over fifty popular models of Cingular, HP, Motorola, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Treo, and Sony Ericsson phones! These interactive pairing guides provide step by step illustrations and animations to show you exactly how to get your new Bluetooth headset paired and working. Click here to view the Plantronics Online Pairing Guide for our latest Explorer, Discovery, and Voyager headsets. Note: If you have any trouble with the link, you can access the guide at this URL:

Can I contact Plantronics Technical Support directly?

Yes with an international freecall number. 0011 800 5444 6600

How can I see if my phone is compatible with a GN Netcom Headset.

Click on this link and download a compatibility guide. If you still need help call us on 1800 88 33 23

How can I see if my phone is compatible with a Plantronics Headset.

Click on there online compatibilty guide below. If you still have questions call us on 1800 883323